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Find an exercise routine that works for you, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and watch as the transformation begins. My suggestion would be to have a workout partner, but when you start to plateau (either in physical ability, weight loss/gain, or overall health) and you haven’t reached your goals, consider mixing things up a bit. The weight loss detox may seem to be a fast and easy way to lose weight but it is a myth. It is never a permanent solution to weight loss; once you stop the detox process, you’ll gain even extra weight back. You are bound to lose weight using this method but it can’t last.

Juice diets do prevent your body from going into a state called ketosis, he says. Ketosis means your body has no carbohydrates to burn for energy, so it has to burn stored fat or whatever else is available, he tells WebMD. “You feel bad, even smell bad. That’s what makes you feel like hell during a [water-only] fast. But is that because the toxins are coming out? No! You’re going into ketosis. It’s known physiology.”

While detox diets may seem tempting, their benefits likely have nothing to do with vanquishing toxins, but rather with eliminating various unhealthy foods. This green juice made with cucumber and parsley can fasten your weight loss journey and can show quick results, if consumed regularly.

BioBoost Keto Ultra BHB – Lose Weight Fast With Ketosis! *Reviews 2022*

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